Sony’s World Photography Contest Shortlist Announced and We Can All Learn Something From Them

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“Inner Atlas” from the series “Inner Atlas” by Trent Mitchell, Australia, Shortlist, Professional, Sport (Professional Competition), 2019 Sony World Photography Awards. “Regarded as an art form, the sport of bodysurfing is one of the most primitive forms of wave riding. Historically celebrated for performances above the water surface, I felt intrigued to explore the rider’s interaction with the power of the sea from an immersive perspective below. What does it feel like to be there, moving at the perfect speed, intimately connecting with the dynamics of the sea? To ride the formless edge between fear and joy in a single breath? I discovered a physical and emotive space where man, movement and energy fuse during a journey of self-discovery and inner harmony.”

The official winners of the Sony World Photography contest will be announced out of the shortlist on April 17th. 

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